About the Project

The Project will be carried out by Japanese professional team , in cooperation with the existing incubators in Gaza. The project, with mid-long term perspective, aims to improve the means of livelihood in Gaza, particularly for Gaza youth (teens to 30s) through creating a scheme to incubate and/or to support Startup for “life improvement” in Gaza. The project makes bring hope to Gaza youth by incubating startups.

In 2016, as a pilot program, a Gaza Entrepreneur Challenge (GEC) will be organized in August. It will be done by two steps; (1) Selection by documents and (2) Presentation session which include the lectures and consultations from Japanese team. A public announcement of GEC was just made through website . Maximum 10 teams (5 to 6 people in one team, and total 50 people) are anticipated to be formed and will participate in GEC. The participants of GEC will be able to have opportunities to access Japanese investors/social entrepreneurs, and to be evaluated/advised by the judges from third party’s view. The teams will present the business idea at GEC, in the area of health care, nutrition, water management, agriculture, education, manufacturing, etc. which is related to life improvement in Gaza. The winner will be selected at the end of GEC and be provided the necessary consultancy service and the financial assistance (maximum US$10,000) for a startup. If circumstances allow, Japan tour will be organized for the winner.

Good Social Impact
The success of GEC will show an example of business which provides means of living with dignity. The project makes bring the hope to Gaza people who has been suffering exceptionally high unemployment ratio. The hope will be spread through all the medias such as SNS, Facebook, blogs, websites, newspapers and televisions. In a long run, the model will be expanded not only by providing the incubation opportunities to support establishing around five companies in a year, but also by developing stable platform for social investment from overseas, mainly from Japan. In that way, the Project will be able to maximize the opportunities of life improvement for Gazan people and make an example of the business that could have positive impact on the local community. After developing the stable business, we might be able to export that model to the other post or chronic conflict areas such as the five fields.