About Us

The Project Team, consists of various members from public, universities and private sectors, is also supported by the Japanese Parliamentarians who visited to Gaza in September 2015. This Tokyo-based project was developed and is run by a group of individuals from different backgrounds, such as private sectors, the United Nations, government-related organizations, universities and graduate schools, and research institutions. About 20 project members are actively engaged in various activities for the coming up program.

Our passion for the project

Our goal is to create a scheme which empowers Gazan people to stay strong and live “better tomorrow” with dignity and hope through entrepreneur support.

In Gaza strip, there are many youths who have been encouraging entrepreneurship especially in ICT fields. Some are graduates from universities or grad schools in Europe who work at ICT, consulting firms, or investment banks and eventually start their own business or promote entrepreneur support.

Our support is not limited to ICT field, but we rather focus on public nature and life improvement at daily and individual level for Gazan people. In addition to working with local entrepreneurs and conducting follow-ups, in a long run, we expect to provide not only financial support but also a sustainable platform for social investment and investment in Gaza. And this project will be the very first step of all of these visions to be realized.